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"I, DIO, do not have the time or care to answer. Leave your message and leave me be."

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First of all, Dio is a villain, straight up. He's a particular kind of villain who is evil and he knows and revels in it, and as such he has a tendency to be brash, blunt, and aggressive at the drop of a hat, despite wearing the facade of an English Gentleman.

In addition, Dio has abilities that include mind/body control via hypnosis, or parasitic flesh buds, and I certainly don't intend to have him use them unless I get explicit permission to do so(and even then, it'll need to be plotted).

So my permissions are mostly opt-in, but you can choose to opt out of tagging with me in general, as well as ask me to behave!

All comments are screened!

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Feb. 5th, 2017 03:37 am
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NAME: Deca
AGE: 27
JOURNAL: [personal profile] tereofinis
IM / EMAIL: Discord- snugglewumps#6130
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] decathect

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"You have reached the voice mailbox of me, Dio. I am currently preoccupied or perhaps I simply don't currently want to talk to you right now. Leave a message if you think it will be fruitful for you.
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You have reached the voice mailbox of ME, DIO! I'm probably busy, or perhaps screening your call. Either way leave a message if you want any chance of getting a hold of me.
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CANON: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
GOD: Tezcatlipoca
MYTHOLOGY: Aztec [God History]
POWER: Feline Form
SHINKI: Masaki Kurosaki [personal profile] shockshot

Tezcatlipoca's Jungle

Thick underbrush obscures the outskirts of the temple, the only visible path starting at a stone gate. The canopy of the jungle and high-hanging fog keeps most sunlight out, but if one were to follow the path along, they would see some light coming from a small clearing. The surrounding remains darkened for the most part, however, but before long a temple can be seen shining in the distance. It takes the shape of a traditional aztec pyramid, lined with stone jaguar heads and with a stone relief at the base of the stairs. It is a modernized view, however, also lined with lights that allow the building to stand out against the darkness of the surrounding jungle.

At the side of the temple is a small, natural pool of water, fed by a short waterfall. and garnished with a small rocky overhang. The rocks that frame the small pool are as overgrown as the rest of the jungle, but debris does not litter the waters, most of it filtered out with a small stream that the pool empties out into.

There are no true 'doors' to enter the temple until you pass beneath the stairs, a small stone foyer with a fountain leading to the front door. The interior is modern, but themed according to the exterior, with stone jaguars and ferns here or there. Gold and marble tends to be prevalent throughout, and much of the furniture is in blacks, golds, and reds. The decor is elegant and stays carefully on theme, jaguar spots and bright feathers making appearanced from time to time. Lighting inside of the home is minimal, limited to a few lamps and sparingly placed windows, and at night it can be difficult to see for those who have trouble navigating in the dark. It has a disconcerting tendency to smell like fresh blood.

~ ~
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CHARACTER SERIES: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: Yes, so long as all players are in agreement!
Fourthwalling: I don't mind, no
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Sure thing! I am an open person, and Dio is generally rather offensive himself, but if you are worried then don't hesitate to ask me!


Hugging this character: You... can? He is likely to reel unless he is very close to the character hugging him, but by all means.
Kissing this character: You may feel free to kiss him, but he's quick to slip the tongue. Sorry.
Flirting with this character: Please do~
Fighting with this character: I'd be offended if someone didn't!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Tear him apart! As long as the pieces aren't destroyed with sunlight or sunlight powers he'll pull himself together.
Killing this character: I'm more than willing to discuss it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Talk to me first, but I likely will not mind.

Warnings: Dio is a CRAU from a sex game, so he is possibly more lascivious than he would usually be(but only by a little, he is naturally kind of a flirt when feeling confident).

In addition, Dio is the main villain in his series while he is alive, and as such he is Not a Good Person. He is charming until his temper is set off, and then he is downright vicious. He has been in a game for a year and a half, however, and is thankfully toned down, but it's not wholly gone.
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Player Information

Name: Deca
Contact: skype @ africanwildderp, [plurk.com profile] decathect, smvidal20@gmail.com, or pm any account of mine
Age: 26
Other Characters: N/A

It started off so well )
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[It is easy enough to send a private message to DIO, but anything written here would be visible only to recipients and to those who hold his book in their hands.]
{I'll pretty this post up more in the future}
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This thing can be hard to steer sometimes.

[All comments screened]
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WIP, To be updated later

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[Because I felt this would work better as two separate posts, so have a comprehensive guide to Dio's abilities.]

Vampire Abilities

- Super strength/speed
- Quick-healing
- Hypnotism and Flesh Buds(which get into a host's brain and allows Dio to control them)
- Freezing things by touch
- Flesh Shaping(able to create hybrids of creatures and also can reshape a person's body, as well as using his own veins as tentacle-like appendages)
- No need for sustenance outside of blood


- Sunlight(Normally instant death- in Carvaka it results in lethargy and loss of strength)
- Sun energy and similar light energies, including some forms of artificial light
- Limited healing- Dio cannot regrow lost body parts and needs to replace them if lost
- Head injury- Crushing his brain will kill him
- Fire- It injures him more quickly than he can heal, and at a certain point he can't heal(Or heals much more slowly) without new blood

Stand Abilities

- Can be projected up to 10m away
- Extreme strength/speed
- High endurance
- Can stop time for up to 11 seconds
- Secondary Stand can be used as a GPS, or can see what others are doing.


- Unused to being time stopped himself
- refractory period between Time Stops
- Injuries to the Stand and User are reflected upon both bodies

Natural Strengths

- Well-educated
- Confident
- Charismatic
- Fighting knowledge, usually from his childhood street-fighting


- Arrogant- easy to manipulate by way of his ego, and also overestimates himself
- Distant- doesn't make close allies easily
- Going along with his arrogance, he does have a tendency to underestimate his opponents
- Flamboyant- he is not particularly good at keeping his intentions well-hidden because of his flair for the dramatic.

For further information:
His app (details things in a different way)
Wiki page on his abilities
Wiki page on Stands in general
Wiki page on the special Jojo variation of vampires
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Name: Deca
Means of Contact: Plurk Skype- africanwildderp, email: smvidal20@gmail.com
Age: 25
Other Characters Played: N/A

Name: Dio Brando
Journal: [personal profile] dioception
Canon: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Age: 122 years
Canon Point: Post-death

All the TL;DR goes here )
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For anyone who wants to poke at me outside of DW, or just wants me around for whatever reason aha :U

Plurk: Decathect

Tumblr: In5ovietRussia

I also have-

Just ask me if you'd like any of them! Most of the time I will share :>
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The last one was more rushed than I like it to be, so here is a revamp!

First, my own permissions, and then I will have a form to fill out if it pleases you for permissions and opt-outs pertaining to Dio.


Backtagging: Yep!
Threadhopping: As long as it's okay all around, sure thing!
Fourthwalling: Sure~
Offensive subjects: You'd really be hard-pressed to find something that offends me too much for me to play it out.


Anything affection-related: I am in a sex game. :I Dio isn't the sort to like people, but you can do whatever.
Fighting with this character: Please someone punch him
Injuring this character: I guess just let me know before you take a limb and intend to destroy it? Otherwise he can just sort of stick it back on.
Killing this character: Let's plot it out first, but generally yes!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He'd probably be able to figure it out/resist it, but if he doesn't know about it, he can be taken off-guard and have some things slip out before he could stop it. I am personally totally up for it though, and we can definitely plot it out if you'd like!

Now for the things you can tell me to do or not to do, of course, because Dio is one of the Big Bads in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and therefore not an overall very good person who has some rather OP abilities that he is more than willing to use for any reason, including just boredom. If you need specific descriptions of Dio's abilities, you can find them here!

In Carvaka, anyone who can see ghosts/spirits can see Stands, and people who cannot initially see them can learn to once they are aware of their existence as an entity.

I don't intend to do anything much without explicit permissions given and likely some plotting, but this is mostly to be a handy reference for who is alright with getting tag-outs/CR from me and who is not!

Kink List can be found here!


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